My Porto Cheli

In the southeastern part of Argolis, Greece, is located a fairy tailed place called Porto Heli.

Colorful sunsets, untouched nature, sunny days and its amazing energy make you wonder if it is real.
Situated on a bay of the Argolic Gulf it is connected with graphic islands, exploration roots and archeological sites.

Historic memories come literately from the bottom of the sea...there where that all the human secrets are hidden, the ancient city of Halieis emerges.

Porto Cheli magnetizes travelers from all over the world, sport and history lovers, even kings and queens!

It is a gastronomical experience for those who like to indulge fresh fish, local recipes and a unique adventure for sea lovers!

This Greek piece of land is unique, divine and sprinkled with gold dust.

Visit Porto Cheli all year round!

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My Porto Cheli